Google Search Box

Google Search Box

Google Search Box is a simple application that allows you to perform Google searches directly from your desktop computer. The application requires you to have an Internet connection and a web browser to open search results.  If internet connection is detected,  Google Search Box application will  appear.

Google Search Box

Google Search Box allows you to type your desired keyword in a field and search it up by clicking  “Google Search” button.

Quickly search using Google Search Box!

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Google Search Box Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What is Google Search Box?
A. An easy to use tool for quickly searching internet directly from your desktop.

Q. Where does search results appear?
A. Once you enter search keywords and you click Search button, you will be taken to Google Search Results Page (SERP) using your default browser.

Q. Can I be able to search Images or Videos?
A. Yes. The application has several search options.

Q. Does I’m Feeling Lucky button behave similar to Google Web Search?
A. Yes. The button once clicked, will open a web page.

Q. Does the app have search options to filter search results?
A. No. The feature is unavailable in this version.

Q. What else does the app do?
A. You can quickly open Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and  Yahoo Mail! You can also use the application to know whether your internet connection is active. You can minimize the program to the system tray when not using it.

Q.What are the requirements to run the application?
A. You require internet connection for the application to run. The application does not pop-up if no internet connection is detected.  This application only run in Windows OS.

Q.  Will this program search my hard-disk?
A. No. Only internet. Hard-Disk search is a solved problem. No wonder, Google Desktop was discontinued. So, no plan to develop another desktop search tool! Don’t get me wrong. Am talking here about searching text. Image Search is still unsolved problem. My current research is based on Content-based image retrieval .  Check out my on-going work at the bottom of this page.

Q. Which Web Browser is supported ?
A. All. The app open the search results page using your default web browser.

Q.  Freeware?
A. Yes.

Q.  What motivated you to develop this program?
A. Speed of launching my default browser. The program will pop-up once internet connection is detected and you will start searching immediately. Current web browsers take too long to open.

Q.Where can I download  the application?
A. Click the link: Google Search Box

Q. Who has developed the tool?
A. I wrote the Software for my own use and am now sharing it.

Q. Will it be updated soon?
A. Yes. Constant updates will depend on requests/feedback from users. Write to

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