Q. what is BBC Headlines Reader?
A. is a free tool that displays the latest BBC news headlines on your desktop

Q. Do I require .Net framework to run the application?
A. No. You only require to have constant internet connection

Q. Which news categories are available?
A. Several news categories are available;Top Stories, world,UK,Business, Politics, Health sport and many more

Q. Can I be able to access the application in my system tray?
A. Yes. The application sits in your system tray for easier access of latest headlines

Q. How long will headlines will be refreshed?
A. No time limit. You will get the latest headlines since the application get latest BBC feeds once you click start button

Q. Which Windows OS are supported?
A. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Q. Can I suggest feature(s) to improve BBC Headlines Reader?
A. Yes. Feel free to contact us: [at]

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