Q.what is Mwisoft D?
A. is a freeware tool to batch delete empty folders.

Q. What are the requirements for running Mwisoft D?
A. No special requirements. The tool does not require you have .Net framework in your computer to run it unlike similar applications.

Q. Is it Free to use?
A. Yes.Check License for further information.

Q. Tell me more about Mwisoft D?
A. Mwisoft D helps you remove unwanted clutter and makes your system clean.Some programs may need empty folders to run correctly, so be careful Deleting those folders as they may cause these programs to stop working properly.

Q.Will I be given a chance to check folders before deletion?
A. Yes. All empty directories found are listed in the user interface for you to check before deletion.

Q.Why do I need to have this software?
A.  It’s a good idea to remove any empty folders to keep the contents of your hard drive organized.

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