Q. What is Mwisoft Z?
A. Mwisoft Z is a freeware windows utility that let you zip specific files.

Q. Does the software support unzipping of files?
A. No.Use Mwisoft Archive Extractor

Q. Is Drag and Drop of folders supported?
A. Yes. You can drag and drop folders

Q. Is Drag and Drop of files supported?
A. No. You can only drag and drop folders

Q. How many file extensions are supported?
A. Current version of Mwisoft Z support 173 files extensions

Q. Is Mwisoft Z Freeware?
A. Yes.The program is 100% Free. No spyware, adware etc.

Q. Does Mwisoft Z run on Linux?
A. No. Mwisoft Z is a Windows application

Q. Does Mwisoft Z ship with adware?
A. No.Mwisoft Z will remain a clean software

Q. Does the program have a progress bar?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I suggest feature(s) to improve Mwisoft Z?
A. Yes. Feel free to contact us: [at]

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